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Gardening. How to water plants during the holidays?

Before leaving on vacation, you can plant an olla near your plant and fill it with water. (© Lulu Berlu / AdobeStock)

To ensure your plants are in top shape by the start of the school year, it’s best to take a few precautions. If you are going on vacation and leave your charges unattended for several days or even weeks, here are some tips.

In south-facing rooms, be sure to close the shutters, but not completely, because the plants need light; do not leave them next to a window in direct sunlight. you also can move them to shadein cooler areas.

But watering remains the most problematic moment, especially if not a single neighbor or friend can come to your house to water your expensive plants. Here are a few techniques that you can adapt to suit your needs. the needs of your plants and the duration of your absence.

Removable tanks

Some plants, such as cacti, succulents, or some thick-leaved plants, may hold several weeks without water. Water them well before leaving, this should be enough.

For others, there are watering devices that you can find on the market, such as removable containers for planting in pots: for example, glass bubbles or ollas. These last terracotta jugswhich disperse water by capillary action. Therefore, plants absorb water according to their needs.

You can also do olla yourself with two terracotta pots stick on top of each other, taking care to plug one of the holes you will be digging into the ground, and the second hole will be used for filling.

Another tank is quite possible do it yourself : a bottle of water, the stopper of which is pierced with a preheated needle and which, after being turned over, is placed in a saucepan.

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sprinkler cones

Another solution: watering cones for screwing on water bottles. Made of ceramic, therefore microporous, they also work by capillarity and are extremely easy to use. Proof: simple screw the cone on the bottle fill with water before planting the cone in the ground. First of all, don’t forget to pierce the bottom of the bottle after you turn it upside down so that it can empty properly. You can also cut off and remove the bottom of the bottle, making it easier to refill next time.

There are several sizes of cones; choose them depending on pot size and the number of plants in the pot.

Water storage pots

Very practical as you just need to fill the tank…

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