Cannabis Holidays: Travel Curators Now Sell Weed Walks and Cannabis Trails

Emerald Farm Tours offers another piece of nirvana.

Travel agents who have guests looking for unique experiences in the US can now recommend cannabis vacations. Travel curators can team up with Visit Mendocino’s Emerald Farm Tours to create enchanting cannabis-based trips that make the perfect Instagram post.

Tourists can choose from cannabis festivals, cannabis itineraries, ganja yoga, and packages that combine lodging and cannabis experiences.

A seven-course micro-dosed meal, weed walks, cannabis trails, a bakery that features artisanal cannabis products displayed in bakery-style display cases, a cannabis museum, a half-acre cannabis consumption hall, are the main attractions.

Two unique tours take travelers behind the emerald curtain.

The Mendocino Experience on the North California Cannabis Tour offers a four-hour guided tour that dives deep into Redwood Valley with a visit to a fully operating sun-grown cannabis farm and heirloom nursery. Meet the grower and enjoy an afternoon bud tasting by the koi ponds as you stroll through the crops for the ultimate Instagram post.

Expenses: $420.00/2 persons

From the Mendocino interior to the stark contrast of the Anderson Valley, a wine region that sells top-notch Pinot Noir, Alsatian-style sparkling and dry wines, Emerald Farm Tours offers another slice of nirvana. Visitors can head to the Mendocino County cannabis trail, starting with a luxury Mercedes Sprinter bus that arrives deep in the Mendocino redwoods for a hillside “weed walk” with a grower host, followed by a packed lunch in the woods.

Expenses: $695.00/person

From marijuana in elegant Madrones paired with a microdosed seven-course meal at Brambles to a 20-acre private camp hidden deep in ancient redwoods, Mendocino offers a wide range of cannabis options. curious travelers. Visitors can glide up to the stars through a private deck and spa at MacCallum House, located in the village of Mendocino.

The “Everything but the bad” package includes everything you need to drink, as well as a delivery service, as well as the opportunity to enjoy an elevated jacuzzi. In Hopland, The Thatcher features modern, minimalist décor and plenty of cannabis options. Next door, the MendoCann dispensary offers a selection of high-quality, locally grown greens, including the popular Super Loud Farms watermelon mimosa. Diners can pack it back to smoke in the Thatcher Hotel’s outdoor lounge, paired with a classic Penicillin craft cocktail and wash all day long.

Tucked away in Filone, surrounded by vineyards and towering sequoias, Madrones and Brambles hit the sweet spot when it comes to canna-cation with a culinary bent. The new cannabis tasting and tour weekend includes a private tour of the five-acre vintage Sugar Hill farm, lodging, and cannabis food curated by San Francisco-based chef Bronson Macomber of the Plato Verde Social Club. Another…

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