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Friday was the penultimate day for Jose Hernandez and his family from their 10 day vacation.

“We were traveling from Miami to Canada,” Hernandez said at a Mirabito gas station on Highway 281 in Preble, “we’re going to New York.”

Today he, his wife and three children will fly back to California.

“Everything is expensive now,” Hernandez said. “We haven’t had a vacation since three years ago. And I don’t know, next year.”

As Hernandez prepared to say goodbye to her vacation, Judy Rizzo from Spafford rode her motorcycle out onto the road.

“We’re going to Alexandria Bay for a bike weekend,” Rizzo said, relaxing at a gas station. “Thirty dollars for five gallons, that’s crazy.”

For Independence Day weekend, Rizzo will be in South Dakota with her boyfriend Karl Veer.

“We love to travel as much as possible,” said Rizzo. “Our children have grown up. It’s kind of our time to have some fun.”

Rizzo will be among the 47.9 million people who will drive 50 miles or more from home on Independence Day weekend, the AAA predicts in a Friday press release. This is 3.7% more than in 2021, leaving travel volumes slightly lower than in 2019.

Travel by car will set a new record, surpassing 41.5 million in 2019 and 41.8 million in 2021.

despite historically high gas prices, 42 million people took to the road.

“Despite record gas prices, travelers still want to hit the road this summer. We expect domestic travel times to increase by about 50% compared to normal. Drivers in major metro areas need to be prepared for significantly more delays,” Bob Pishu, INRIX transport analyst, said in a press release. “Knowing when and where congestion will occur can help drivers avoid the stress of sitting in traffic. Our advice is to avoid trips on Thursday and Friday afternoons.”

In addition, AAA offers the following tips:

• Have a plan A, B and C. Plan your flights, car rentals, accommodation, tours, cruises and other activities in advance.

• BET for a trouble-free ride by taking care of your car’s battery, engine and tires. Before any long trip, be sure to have a complete vehicle inspection.

• Get over the rush. Friday promises to be the busiest day for air travel over the holiday weekend, with July 4th the easiest, according to AAA booking data. For those on the move, the Thursday and Friday before the holiday are expected to be peak traffic days.

As for Marathon’s Matthew Rupa, who worked at the fast food franchise, he’s just going to be staying put with his wife and six kids this coming holiday weekend.

“The minimum wage just doesn’t help,” Roop said. “I put $40 a day on my car so I can get to work and have her (his wife) run around.”

He has acres of land where children can run and play.



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