Travel experts share tips ahead of busy 4th of July weekend

HOUSTON – Fourth of July is expected to be a busy travel weekend.

Houston airports say they have already noticed a surge in passengers and expect more than 1.25 million people to fly in through Bush and Hobby airports this weekend.

“Airports are crowded, flights are delayed and this is a consumer jungle, so you can’t travel naively thinking it will be like the good old days,” said Point Guys’ Brian Kelly.

Weekends can be tough, with many flights canceled or delayed, but the travel experts at The Points Guy travel blog shared tips on how to get to your destination without any hassle.

Your flight is booked and you are ready to take off, but what happens if your flight is delayed or cancelled? This is something that could happen ahead of a busy holiday weekend.

“So, first of all, you need to download the airline application on your phone and understand it. Often when a flight is canceled or delayed, you can book a flight through the app, but of course, those seats on a flight sell out very quickly, especially if you’re dealing with multiple airport cancellations,” said Dot Guys’ Madison Blancaflor.


Due to ongoing pilot shortages, staffing issues, and construction work at Houston IAH Airport, some travel professionals recommend booking a backup flight with another airline in case your original flight is cancelled.

But Blancaflor said double bookings are not always necessary.

“Especially if you don’t have the budget for it. What you can do is if you can proactively reschedule your flight, make it to the first morning flight, so if you are the first flight of the day, that flight is the least likely to be disrupted because you don’t have to wait for the flight to land.” – she said.

Blancaflor said it’s also important to have everything you need in your hand luggage.

“If you’re checking your bag, make sure you have your passport, phone, ID, wallet, and at least one change of clothes,” Blancaflor said.

Give yourself extra time if you have a connecting flight.


“Don’t try to make a 30 minute connection this weekend. You can make it, I’m not saying it’s impossible, but this weekend will be more difficult due to overcrowded flights. And if your flight is indeed delayed at the front, you can miss your connection and that will change your travel time,” Blancaflor said.

There are ways to be smart and save money.

“Flights are insanely expensive. They went up 50% in January alone, so you need discounts. And now, if you’re a T-Mobile customer, you can get AAA for free for a year, and those discounts can be very significant, especially at hotels,” Kelly said.

When it comes to arriving at Houston IAH Airport, officials advise picking up passengers from Terminals A or B to avoid congestion at Terminals C, D and E.

“This will take some time, so people need to be patient” – Kelly…


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