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changing the rules of use contributes to the ticket – Liberation

This Friday, payment terms are back to normal after a two-year easing linked to the health crisis. This decision of the executive branch causes dissatisfaction among users, and inflation is galloping and school holidays are approaching.

After two years of easing rules on use, more than 4 million restaurant voucher holders are required to use this means of payment starting this Friday in pre-health crisis conditions. Namely: the daily ceiling is set at 19 euros and the end of their use on weekends and holidays.

In the context of a general rise in prices (food, fuel, etc.) and a decline in purchasing power, the decision of the executive branch was unsuccessful. Many Internet users note the impact of this decision on the most modest households. “Honestly, now is not the time! For some, a “restaurant ticket” is the only way to go to a restaurant on the weekend with friends or family. Others lament the decision, which undermines the summer plans of families who have used €38 meal vouchers to try and brighten up their daily lives during the school holidays while having some fun from time to time.

“I’m grossed out, free for Release Tenet, 24, a bank clerk in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. The ceiling of 38 euros allowed us to experience some pleasant moments at work. This allowed us to relax on the terrace, in an area where restaurants are not cheap.” And in continuation: “Part of the cost of “restaurant tickets”” [40 à 50 %, ndlr] deducted from our paycheck and we can’t adjust them to our needs, it’s a shame!

So many reactions that show that in the past two years, the restaurant voucher has allowed a lot of people to abuse it to have fun, for example, ordering an appetizer, main course, dessert. Many associate the name of the payment with periods of leisure and relaxation with loved ones. It is, for others, a solution to a fixture that reduces the focus on racing, particularly in the supermarket.

Introduced in 1967 to make up for the lack of company canteens, the restaurant voucher was put into circulation to allow employees to dine outside. Moreover, it is on this argument that Bersi bases himself to support a post-Covid “return to normality” after consulting the professional catering federations.


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