Mulanturuti is preparing a tourist track as part of the Destination Challenge

A tourist route will soon be read connecting historic churches, temples and vast rice fields and farmlands in and around Mulanturuti, which is located near Kochi.

Earlier this year, Mulanthuruthi, surrounded by bodies of water, received the Swaraj Trophy and a cash award of 25 lakhs after being chosen as the best panchayat in Kerala.

A tourism scheme was considered, given that the site was a 30-minute drive from Kochi, where the largest number of domestic and foreign tourists arrived in the state, Mulanthuruti bloc panchayat president Raju P. Nair said. Landmarks in the region, comprising six panchayats, include the church that witnessed the historic Synod of Diamper in 1599, the temple of Chotanikkara, and the birthplace of Adi Shankara.

Member of the State Tourism Advisory Council, Member of Parliament Sivadattan, who during his tenure as President of the Kumbalangi Panchayat played a key role in declaring Kumbalangi as the first Model Tourism Village in India, is among those supporting the preparation of the Mulanthuruthi tourism itinerary.

“An enterprise that is being prepared as part of the state government’s Destination Challenge initiative. [to ready at least one tourism destination at the panchayat level]is expected to attract tourists who can enjoy the arts, cuisine and traditional agricultural practices of the region. They can stay with a family for several days. It will also be a new destination for upscale tourists who arrive in Kochi on cruise ships for a day trip,” he said.

College students are expected to review art forms, ethnic foods, activities such as cooking and fishing, and Mulanturuti attractions in the coming days. It will be followed by training programs for stakeholders.

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