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Calaak’Oncept: This Alsatian company manufactures and installs container-based swimming pools.

Even if some, affected by the storm, hail, furious weather, despair that a calm has come, usually beautiful days should return soon … The opportunity for some to take a dip in their huge pool or in an inflatable boat is on the way! And it will be time for others to think about installing that very famous pool that the whole family has long dreamed of! What if, instead of digging a huge hole in a beautiful lawn, you opted for a container pool? As you know, sea containers are very popular for the quick production of more or less large houses. But in recent years, they have also been widely used to make great pools quickly. Discover one of the French container swimming pool specialists in Geispolsheim, Alsace… His name Kalaak pool!

What is Kalaak’Oncept?

This Alsatian company specializes in cargo design, which we remember is a new formarchitecture made from shipping containers. Their flagship product: an environmentally responsible container pool. Their mission is to bring to Alsace the principle of container pools that are innovative, sustainable and modern at the same time. Why waste tons of earth and tons of pouring cement when a container pool only takes a few days to get going? Calaak’Oncept supports you in all your container pool projects, whether above ground, semi-embedded or in-ground… Fully customizablewith a unique design, they are clearly much more economical than the classic pool.

Installation of a container that will serve as a pool. Photo courtesy of Kalaak’Onsept.

Why choose a container pool?

As we explained to you in the Swimming Pool Regulation article, most of them require a building permit when they exceed a certain volume or a certain surface area on the ground… However, sea containers have fixed dimensions: 6 meters or 12 meters. long. So they don’t have only technical task is needed, which is lighter and, above all, takes less time to receive. In addition, their straitjacket, which is a sea container, allows you to adapt to any type of terrain, in particular tight areas where, for example, an earthmoving machine could not penetrate.

“We design and build semi-in-ground or in-ground container pools to suit any type of environment. We guide and advise you in the choice of materials for covering and beach of your design (…) Our CalaakPools pools are transported by an 11 meter truck or semi-trailer depending on the chosen model (…) Our pool designs Pool containers are made of quality materials, which ensures a long life services.

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