“We’ve been to London, Rome and Lisbon”

My wife and I love to travel. In the five years that we have been together, we have many unforgettable memories during our trips abroad.

But in July 2021 we went on a Greek Islands cruise for my wife’s 49th birthday which really changed our lives. Sitting in a cabin overlooking the ocean, we talked about how we would spend our empty years. All of our five children have left home.

While cruising the Greek islands of Kymanzi, Constable decided to sell his belongings and travel the world as digital nomads.

Photo: Keemanzee Constable

It was incredible to travel again after the Covid-19 lockdown eased. So we took this step and sold our possessions to travel permanently as digital nomads.

How We Moved Abroad and Became Digital Nomads

Several factors influenced our decision. First, my wife and I run a consulting firm and an online education program that teaches entrepreneurs how to market their brand and market themselves. Our work does not require us to be in one particular place.

We were also disappointed that people in the US were people of color. We often encountered racism in the comments section when we posted articles and videos online. We even had people who directly told us that they would not do business with us because I was African American and my wife was Puerto Rican.

Running an online business allows Kimanzi and his wife to work from anywhere, like this rooftop in Lisbon, Portugal.

Photo: Keemanzee Constable

But after watching YouTube channels like Our Rich Journey, reading blogs like Matt’s Nomad, and listening to podcasts like Chris Freelancer’s Podcast, we realized we could save money overseas. YouTube channels like Passport Heavy have also shown us that there may be fewer cases of racism in other countries.

So after the cruise, we sold our car and stuff, except for a few special items that we keep in storage. We also sold our 3,100-square-foot, five-bedroom, four-bath home in Lakewood Ranch, Florida for $810,000 and our second home in Bushnell for $265,000.

We used the profits to pay off debt and invest in our pension and emergency funds. Some of that money also helped pay for our first six months of travel, including Airbnb and flights.

Kimanzi and his wife’s first stop as regular travelers was Puerto Rico, where they got in touch with his wife’s legacy.

Photo: Keemanzee Constable

In October 2021, we finally landed in Puerto Rico, where we were able to experience my wife’s legacy. After that trip, we lived in places like London, Rome, Lisbon and Nice.

How we earn, save and spend money

In addition to our online business, which averages $19,000 a month, my freelance writing brings in about $1,000 a month.

When we first started traveling, we made a commitment not to spend more than we did in Florida. Then our average monthly expenses were:

  • Mortgage (for two houses): $5686
  • Maintenance and insurance fee (for two houses): $2385
  • Utilities and telephone: $621
  • Payment for the car and gasoline:


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