Travel News: The most livable cities, a sunken restaurant and more

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(CNN) — How is the last week of June already??!! It’s officially summer in most of the world’s major cities, which means many of us have travel in mind.

CNN Travel is here to help make those travel dreams come true, with an overview of the world’s most livable places, a plane seat for the future, and the first Michelin stars in the Middle East on offer this week.

Live and let live

Every year the Economist Intelligence Unit publishes a global ranking of the most livable cities in the world. The rankings are determined by a number of factors such as access to green spaces, quality of health care, and crime rates.

In 2022, the entire list will be devoted to Europe, where the continent will take six of the top 10 places. You may not be able to move this year, but perhaps this list will help you narrow down the places you would like to visit next?

One hint: the name of the winning city rhymes with Blienne.

North America did well on the livability list, if you’re only talking about Canada. This year the Great White North had three of the top 10 spots.

Far from base

Nepal may have to move their base camp on Mount Everest. The melting of the Khumbu Glacier has put the site at risk for the environment, so the Nepalese authorities are exploring options.

Tourism Department CEO Taranath Adhikari told CNN Travel that “man-made activity” – a polite way of saying “human behavior” – is causing the glacier to melt much faster than expected.

Regardless, there is no need to panic. Any move would take at least two to three years due to the difficulty of collecting data on the world’s tallest mountain.

The floating restaurant has not reopened after more than two years of closure due to the pandemic.

Sunken Kingdom of Hong Kong

Shipwreck seekers may have another good riddle. Jumbo Kingdom in Hong Kong, once thought to be the world’s largest floating restaurant, is believed to have sunk this week in a remote part of the South China Sea.
The Forbidden City-inspired restaurant once hosted everyone from Tom Cruise to Queen Elizabeth II, but pandemic-related financial problems have caused Jumbo’s fortune to sink.

Jumbo closed indefinitely in March 2020, but when the owners were unable to find anyone to bear the maintenance costs, they announced that the closure would be permanent.

She was heading from Hong Kong to dry dock in Cambodia when she was caught in rough weather off the Paracel Islands.

Say hi say dubai

The most brilliant city in the world continues to raise the bar. Dubai’s new Museum of the Future opened this year with well-deserved fanfare.

This is not the only big headline in Dubai.

The Michelin Guide has awarded stars to some of the city’s best restaurants for the first time. food bible…


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