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Rue du Nil (Paris, 2nd arrondissement), we ate the hottest, tastiest and most successful sandwich of this summer: FTG x Dalia Dwich. Created by Frenchie Chef Greg Marchand and Chef Dalia Or Bitan, this veritable flavor bomb takes us halfway between the Mediterranean and New York City. We imagine brainstorming: both are sitting at the table, wondering, “What could be the best ingredient in the world between two slices of bread?” Answer: Lamb is smoked for eight hours and chopped by hand. Full of coriander, chili, garlic, pomegranate, harissa, rosemary and candied lemon. Cucumber pickles. Amba yoghurt sauce (mango, vinegar, spices) and a small salad of greens. Here is the result! Sandwich beyond all propriety to accompany a small glass of a pet like “Splash” from the Baruye estate – on sale at Frenchie Cave, next door (€15.50). But we must hurry: this collab, which began on Wednesday, will end on July 20.

Sandwich price: 16 euros. FTC x Dahlia Dvich. Try Dalia – 93, rue Montmartre (75002) or FTG (Frenchie to Go), 9, rue du Nil (75002).

We dug into a very beautiful book by celebrity chef Akramé Benallala, Shirvan. Traveling My Silk Road Through 60 Recipes, published June 17 (1), a recipe for Greek yogurt with mint and pistachio sauce to be served with fried lamb, baked fish, or, as suggested by the Algerian-born chef, with pasta. The recipe is for four. Rinse, dry and coarsely chop 25g mint. Also coarsely crush 37.5 g of pistachios. Mix pistachios and mint with 75g Greek yogurt, 12.5g olive oil and 12.5g lemon juice.

(1) With journalist Philippe Toinard, photographs by Valerie Guedes, Editions de la Martinière, 256 pages, 39 euros.

It is at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, on the shores of a small lake of glacial origin, that we are going to treat you this week to excellent trout in yellow wine. Babet will be by the fire, Jeannot with a fishing rod. Between them thirty-nine years of common delicacies, an alliance between Jura and Morvan. Jeannot prepared his move well, these are the minnows caught at the beginning of the Mozelot, which he will seduce the descendants of the farions restarted by cousin Jean in the last century. After a few minutes of doubt, these beautiful wild specimens cannot resist the silvery sheen of a small natural lure. The first strokes show us a fish over 30 centimeters. Reassured, we…


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