These companies will cover employees’ transportation costs for abortions.

Several of the nation’s largest companies are willing to reimburse employees who travel out of state to legally access abortion services.

Businesses will face mounting pressure to offer the benefit after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, a decision that would result in a ban on abortion in at least 13 states.

Most companies already cover abortion services in their health insurance plan, but a number of large employers have expanded their benefits to include transportation costs after Texas imposed tough restrictions on abortion earlier this year. Other companies followed suit after a draft Supreme Court decision was leaked last month. Friday’s decision has already prompted more employers to join in.

Here are some of the big companies that help pay for abortion-related travel expenses:


Walt Disney Co. said on Friday it would reimburse workers for travel and planning costs related to finding an abortion. The company said in a statement that it will ensure that its employees have access to reproductive care “regardless of where they live.”


On Friday, Meta Platforms said it intends to reimburse the travel expenses of employees seeking out-of-state abortions “to the extent permitted by law.”

“We are in the process of evaluating how best to do this, given the legal complexities involved,” the tech giant said in a statement.

Conde Nast

The global media company said on Friday it will reimburse travel and living expenses for employees who cannot legally receive abortion, infertility or gender confirmation services on site.

Condé Nast CEO Roger Lynch, in a memo to employees, called the decision “a devastating blow to reproductive rights that have been protected for nearly half a century.”


On Friday, Zillow said it would reimburse employees up to $7,500 for long-distance travel for reproductive services, gender-affirming care and other procedures. The extended benefits went into effect on June 1.

“We strongly support the right of our employees to make sound healthcare choices and we will continue to do so,” Zillow said in a statement.


Buzzfeed will provide a stipend to employees who travel out of state to access legal abortion services, CEO John Peretti wrote in an email to employees on Friday.

“This decision is so regressive and horrific for women that it forces us to act as a company to ensure that any of our employees who are affected have funding and access to safe abortions as needed,” Peretti said.

Dick sporting goods

Lauren Hobart, CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods, said Friday the company will reimburse up to $4,000 in travel expenses to employees who want to access legal abortion services in response to the ruling.

“We are making this decision so that our teammates can have access to the same health care options no matter where they live and choose what is best for them.” Hobart said in…


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