Festival at John XXIII offers locals a chance to entertain as gas prices rise

The festival features carnival rides and games, food, beer, gambling and lotteries. The Grand Raffle is $10,000 and tickets cost $10 each.

Nightly dinner options are available throughout the festival. The Knights of Columbus will make a fish sandwich on Friday night, followed by Combs BBQ on Saturday and Sons of Italy Spaghetti Dinner on Sunday.

On Friday night, there will be Farewell Fisher entertainment under an awning, and at dusk on Saturday night, Spider-Man: No Way Home will be screened for free on the football field as part of the Free Movies in the Park series.

According to Pickerill, the festival could not have continued without the support of many volunteers.

One of the longtime volunteers is Bill Becker, the former police chief of Middletown. He has worked at the Fenwick/John XXIII festivals for over 25 years. He’s been on site all week, despite the heat.

“I love giving back and it’s a great group of people,” Becker, 71, said. “I never learned to say no.”

This year’s festival will not include Ed Dobrozi, a longtime volunteer who died last year on the last morning of the festival.

Becker said that his good friend Dobrozhi would like the festival to continue.

“He said, ‘Move on,'” Becker said.

Ethan Dobrosey said his late father would “make sure” the festival was a success.


WHAT KIND: Festival at John XXIII

WHEN: from 18:00 to Friday midnight; from 16:00 to midnight Saturday; from 16:00 to 22:00 Sunday

WHERE: John XXIII, 3806 Manchester Road.

HOW MANY: rides, food and drinks are priced individually. The Universal Bandage can be purchased on Sunday for $25.

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