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Urban residences open doors to lifestyle

WunderLocke in Munich.

‘Don’t stay in your apartments’: The new generation of urban residences send travelers a very different message than their predecessors. Implemented lifestyle wave, Locke, Zoku and other brands intend to seduce young travelers with mentally or physically vibrant bars and restaurants, co-working spaces and thoughtful design. ” Each Locke residence is meant to be lived in, not just slept in.Stephen McCall, CEO of the edyn group, owner of the Locke brand, said. Rotate 180° In short, compared to these establishments that have long emphasized the comfort of their fully equipped apartments. “Home sweet home” is so practical and cozy that you didn’t have to go out for lunch or work. And why leave if the services offered by these residences are kept to a minimum?

However, in the middle of the last decade, long-term placement specialists began to turn a more modern page in their history, for example, under the influence of Capri by Fraser, a brand with a “work and play” spirit. from Frasers Hospitality or from lyf, the lifestyle brand of the Ascott group, which launched in 2019 and is preparing to conquer Paris in 2024. In a programme: hybrid offer combining classic rooms and suites designed for shared living, social kitchens and shared workspaces, as well as meeting rooms. For its part, Adagio also decided to revitalize its lobbies with the introduction in 2018 of its concept of Le Cercle, a place for fun organized around a shared kitchen, piano and table football, which has since been rolled out in many establishments.

However, in terms of services and experiences offered to their customers, some brands today go even further. For example, in London microbrewery aIn residence at Kingsland Locke, while Locke at Broken Wharf, located near the City, offers a restaurant offering a contemporary experience in both food and decor to its customers. And what about the future WunderLocke, which opens next May in Munich? This will be considered at least four bars and restaurants, all designed by the founders of the famous Mural Restaurant, topped off by a rooftop cocktail bar overlooking the Alps. Not to mention the heated pool and, as business travelers are obligated to, extensive co-working space.

For its part, if Forbes’ first Zoku in Amsterdam was voted “one of the 25 coolest hotels in the world” by Forbes, it was not only for its lively common areas, but also for the ingenuity of the loft-style studios. ” Each loft is equipped…

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