Cloud Village Inc. enters into a licensing agreement with TF Entertainment

HANGZHOU, China, June 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cloud Village Inc. (HKEX: 9899, ​​”NetEase Cloud Music” or the “Company”), a leading provider of interactive music streaming services in Chinaannounced that it has signed a music licensing agreement (the “Agreement”) with Beijing Time Fengjun Culture and Entertainment Development Co., Ltd. (“TF Entertainment”), enriching the Company’s growing portfolio of music services and strengthening its presence among the younger generation.

Under the terms of the Agreement, NetEase Cloud Music has the right to use a wide range of TF Entertainment’s catalog, featuring higher quality music from artists such as TFBOYS, TNT (Teens in Times) and TF Family. As part of the cooperation, the two sides will also work together to promote artists using their respective networks and build strong partnerships in the entertainment industry. TF Entertainment is one of China leading entertainment groups dedicated to the development and training of idols who resonate with the younger generation.

as one of China leading online music platforms, a unique music community atmosphere, a highly interactive user base, and strong user loyalty have made NetEase Cloud Music a preferred destination for young Chinese users. Leveraging the company’s content, innovative technology, and popularity among its thriving fan base, TFBOYS’ 7th Anniversary ‘Daylight Travel’ concert held on its platform in August 2020 attracted 786,000 concurrent viewers, setting the record for “the most viewers in live for a music concert pay-per-view on a special platform.” The concert’s success is a testament to NetEase Cloud Music’s continued innovation and connections to a younger user base, as well as its ability to deliver quality music experiences and immersive content to this important audience in the evolving digital age.

Founded in 2009, TF Entertainment is a talent development company. Among its popular artists, TFBOYS is one of the most popular TF Entertainment idol groups, consisting of three members: Carrie Wang, Roy Wang as well as Jackson Yee. Debuting in 2013, the boy band quickly became a Chinese pop culture sensation. Following this success, the seven-member boy group Teens in Times (TNT) entered the music scene in 2019, gaining wide popularity and reaching mainstream media status. Artists developed by TF Entertainment also include TF Family and others.

NetEase Cloud Music is actively expanding copyright partnerships through various collaborations with a large number of music copyright holders to further enrich its vast content offering across a variety of genres. Dedicated to further diversifying the platform’s content library, NetEase Cloud Music caters to the diverse and changing tastes of audiences with the mission of providing more quality content to music lovers in China.

About Cloud Village Inc.

Cloud Village Inc. (HKEX: 9899), launched in 2013 by NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES; HKEX: 9999), is the leading provider of interactive music streaming services in China. Committed to delivering an enhanced user experience, Cloud Village Inc. provides accurate, personalized recommendations, promotes user engagement, and builds a strong social community. The emphasis on finding and promoting young musicians was made by Cloud Village Inc. preferred place for discovering new and independent music among music enthusiasts in China. The platform was recognized as the most popular entertainment application among China active generation Z community.

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