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I present to you today a new box with the trend : Living in a green lifestyle box. To get the year off to a good start, this edition contains 11 green products for beauty and lifestyle allowing us to make the right gestures for a healthier daily life, from the bathroom to the kitchen.

This box, very large and full, contains products worth more than 156.80 euros for only 34.90 euros!

Our cute bag (Reusable 100% Cotton Pochon Made in Europe) contains:

  • KUSMI TEA: organic detox green tea, mate, lemon and lemongrass – 100 g – 15.90 euros.
  • ATELIER POPULAIRE: Cold soap “Forgotten Orange Grove” – ​​90 g – 6.90 euros.
  • EMMA’S TRENDS: Eco Kit 3 makeup remover pads €5 + Kit Ki C Ki 4 nail polish removers €5.90.
  • MANUKURIST: Green Old Rose nail polish – 15 ml – 14 €.
  • SPARKLING: Berlingots refill for multi-purpose spray, anti-limescale and anti-windows – 3 x 50 g – 11.40 euros.
  • POLENIA: Organic toning facial lotion with royal jelly – 200 ml – 15.90 euros.
  • MADEMOISELLE BIO: Intense H24 comfort concentrated serum – 30 ml – 27 euros.
  • GEFU: BIVITA Sprouter and Organic Seed Mix 120g – €29.90.
  • BIJIN: Binchotan organic vegetable charcoal – 7 €.
  • GASPAJOE: Daily Mino Jungle bottle – 330 ml – 17.90 euros.

Green beauty treatments out of the box La Vie en vert Lifestyle

Intense Concentrated Serum – Comfort H24
Miss Organic

Let’s start with treatment biography mademoiselle : a Intense Concentrated Serum – Comfort H24. Vegan, certified BIO Cosmos Organic and labeled Cosmebio; this treatment aims to meet the specific needs of thirsty skin in search of nourishment.

It has a milky texture, light, fresh, with a velvet shade that moisturizes, nourishes, soothes and protects the skin from external influences; for 24 hours. Its effectiveness is based on mild active ingredients such as marshmallow milk, flax extract and hyaluronic acid.

Made in France and free of essential oils, this treatment is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones.

Cost: 27 euros

Lacquer Green – Old Rose

“Green” to the tips of the nails with Manicurist and his Lacquer Green old rose : Bio-sourced, vegan & 9-ingredient free. This powdery pink nail polish is flirtatious and elegant with a boudoir pastel shade that is gentle.

Made in France with up to 84% organic ingredients, its formula contains potatoes, corn, cassava, cotton…

Cost: 14 euros

Tonic lotion

We continue beauty procedures with Tonic lotion brand fields : for all skin types, this lotion tones and stimulates the epidermis. It consists of royal jelly, rose water and cucumber for toned, soft, supple, rested and stress-free skin.

This lotion can also be used as a compress for tired eyes and heavy eyelids.

Cost: €15.90

Set of 4 Ki C Ki Nail Polish Thinners + Eco Beauty Test Kit
Emma’s Trends

New year, new…

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