Bayelsa is a growing food tourism destination to watch – Pirie Chiaramo


June 19 (THEWILL) — As the world celebrates 2022 Sustainable Gastronomy Day, Governor Bayelsa’s Senior Special Assistant (SSA) for Tourism Mr. Pirie Chiaramo cited the fact that sustainable gastronomy practices can play a huge role in sustainable development.

Mr. Kiyaramo, who spoke to travel journalists at the Ernest Ikoli Press Center of the Union of Journalists of Nigeria (NUJ) in Yenagoa on Saturday to mark this year’s sustainable gastronomy day, called Bayelsa State a new food tourism destination to watch. South-South region due to the variety of mouth-watering local cuisine.

He noted that the prevalence of traditional cuisine in rural areas is an opportunity for sustainable development as food can be offered to tourists to meet their culinary, cultural, historical and leisure needs during their trip, adding that practicing sustainable gastronomy in rural communities is beneficial. from a business and health perspective, because sustainable gastronomy practices will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the resources used to transport food, as well as boost the local economy by supporting local farmers.

Mr. Chiaramo argued that quality local products themselves are tourism resources that promote tourism development, and its promotion and commercialization has a positive economic impact on the local community, creating wealth and improving living conditions in rural areas, as well as increasing the attractiveness and destination image.

The Governor’s Senior Special Assistant reiterated that using food as a form of self-expression and connection to the destination’s local culture and biodiversity makes food or culinary tourism a pleasure for tourists, just as he advised clients to be mindful of the food sources they choose for health reasons.

The Assistant Governor explained that food or culinary tourism refers to travel motivated by the desire to enjoy unique and memorable food and drink in places far and near, including travel to new cities and areas to eat or drink at specialty grocery stores or restaurants.

According to the SSA, food tourism has become a way to promote understanding between different cultures while bringing people and traditions closer together, noting that “food or food tourism is becoming an important protector of cultural heritage that helps create opportunities, including jobs, especially in rural areas.

Mr. Chiaramo, commonly known as “Mr. Tourism”, reiterated that traditional food and cuisine are great ways to attract tourists to rural areas, saying that local cuisine has become an integral part of travel as the food serves as both entertainment and entertainment. entertainment. cultural activities.

He also stressed the need for host communities…

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