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Microbially Made Drinks – Instant Freshness with Water Ice Cream – “Top Chef” Bistro Coming Soon: Discover Our Deli Choices for Walloon Gourmands

“It Looks Like the South” by Francine Desille

For weeks on the terraces we have been massaging, relaxing, warming up, we never get tired of it. Terraces, I love them. I have been searching since May. I stroll like a tourist through the charming squares where all the nice little restaurants are concentrated. Oh! choose your terrace by comparing the menu, the comfort, the sun… Settling there, hmmm… a delightful moment.

It really is in the spring when I find this practice most enjoyable. At the end of winter, I look for the slightest day of good weather to take advantage of the noticeably longer evenings. This year has already prepared some great experiences for me.

Only one downside for Vlissingen, the jet ferry from the Belgian coast. My location was made around 6pm, I was unpleasantly surprised to find the terrace closed around 7:30pm which won my vote. And not only she! Almost everyone else in this cute little place is still very sunny. Then I remembered: Damn! restaurants in Holland close incredibly early. They are crazy, those batavs who finish eating when we start the aperitif! They do not understand, these people from the north, what they lack!

We know this well, because of all the peoples of the north, the Belgians are the most Latin. They love to laugh, eat, drink, have fun, as we know how to do in the southern countries. Sweet life. idleness. It was in this epicurean mood that I tasted an unexpected bouillabaisse in the early June at the Grand Place in Mechelen, in the warm light of sunset. Admit it, it looks like the south, right?


Fresh melon and spicy mushroom, orange sauce

Melon with green or orange flesh has reappeared on store shelves. The perfect product to freshen up your plates.


3 delicious ice creams

Urgent need for freshness: Consider water ice cream. Not only are they super easy to make, contain no additives, are low in sugar, and are super fun to make with kids. The hardest part: the wait!


Italian sausage with Rigatoni tomatoes: easy and suitable for the whole family

The perfect meal for the whole family, quick and delicious! This Tomato Italian Sausage Sauce is an extremely easy recipe that anyone can make.



Help us discover “family” restaurants in Belgium in a few clicks.

Since dining out with kids doesn’t have to be limited to fast food chains, talk about these places where you can enjoy a restaurant with kids without being (too) disturbed. Signs with a children’s menu, games, infrastructure, a changing table or even a place for prams… In a word, enough to have a good time with the family.


Barbecue during the wave…

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