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Wine, cocktails and canned CBD: should you give in?

In recent months, we have seen the development of the market for alcoholic beverages in cans. Should we give in to this?

In the US and England, their success is invaluable. Appearing on the American market about ten years ago, Hard Seltzer, flavored and alcoholic drinks in cans, gradually conquered Europe to such an extent that even international artists, in turn, launched their own brands. From Houston megastar Travis Scott to Marseille’s rap king SCH, they’ve brought their own versions of refreshed cocktails to market, some based on tequila, others based on cognac. This is how the market developed: the can, often presented as a container with the least environmental impact, won over other companies who developed their drink by adapting their drink to be stored in a metal can. Natural orange wine, carbonated water with CBD (a molecule of the cannabinoid family naturally present in hemp), and even sparkling water with vodka… find out whether (or not) to succumb to three canned drinks that make a splash.

Wine, cocktails and CBD: should we give way to canned drinks?

1. Canetta: live wine in a jar

One thing is for sure: natural wine hasn’t finished splitting opinions yet. While some deny this outright, accusing it of usurping the place of a traditional drink derived from the fermentation of grapes and causing a lot of stomach pains that would be associated with its vinification without any additives, others believe his new star drink. the best addresses in the capital or anywhere else in search of nectar with the funniest colored dress or the most seductive and explosive taste. Therefore, they will no doubt be the most curious and adventurous when they accidentally (or not) stumble upon a canned version of natural wine. Launched in early June 2022 by Luca Pronzato, the Italian-born Frenchman behind the gastronomy collective We are ona, which launches culinary pop-ups around the world that reverse the codes of the restaurant experience, Canetta is a drink that contains the equivalent of one and a half glasses in the famous metal container. organ wine Francesc…


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