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[Warning: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for America’s Got Talent Season 17 Episode 3.]

Having said that he loves extreme action the most, Simon Cowell and the rest America’s Got Talent in the 17th season, in the 3rd episode, we were in for a cruel surprise. Two rag dolls walked around the stage and put on an incredibly boring performance. After receiving three “no” and a sea of ​​cheers from the audience, the “TikTok dancers” staged a noisy fight on the stage.

Turns out… it was the WWE stars, the Bella twins. Nikki Bella co-judges America’s Got Talent: Extreme with Cowell, and just a week before decided that she and the Brie Bella podcast would play the judge.

In addition to the comedic moment, the third episode of the audition had exciting moments and exciting entertainment. About halfway through the episode, referee Howie Mandel took a sick leave, allowing him to advance to the next round with only two “yes” from the judges.

Here we break down the best (and very real) auditions of the evening, including one Golden Buzzer moment, in order of appearance, all of which received a unanimous “yes” from the panel of judges.

Brothers Brown

Trey Patton/NBC

Two Navy veteran brothers with autism express their feelings best through music. With Nate on piano and Gabriel singing, The Brown Brothers delivered a performance that was touching and comedic in equal measure through its combination of song and experience.

They gave the judges cards with songs and impressions to choose from, which the brothers then sang. All of Gabriel’s impressions were accurate, most impressive being his impression of Cowell during Lewis Capaldi’s Someone You Loved.

This, of course, was Cowell’s choice. Sofia Vergara is Elton John’s Little Dancer and Kermit the Frog, Heidi Klum is Nickelback’s Photography and Donald Duck, and Mandel is Train’s Jupiter Drops and SpongeBob.

blade to blade

Blade to Blade in America's Got Talent Season 17

Trey Patton/NBC

The brothers performed a knife-throwing act that made us wince. Starting with throwing daggers, standing opposite each other, the brothers threw blades with ease.

Each part of the performance raised the stakes. At one point, one of the brothers was hung upside down while the other stood on a rotating platform as they both threw axes. And then their lithe assistant held her leg behind her head as they tossed daggers into the cushions on her turntable. After the judges deliberated, Cowell challenged the stage and stood between them as they threw new axes.

Jack Williams

Williams’ ventriloquist comedic style featured a hazy-eyed rabbit puppet with a highly distinctive attitude. Williams was most impressed when he “thrown” the rabbit’s voice into the audience, reversed them, and brought them back.

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The judges called it one of the best first ventriloquism auditions they had ever seen on the show.

Sarah James

Sarah James Audition for America's Got Talent Season 17 Episode 3

Trey Patton/NBC

The 13-year-old singer came to the US from Poland only to audition for the show, being a fan of the series and hoping she could make the “American dream” come true. She performed Billy Eilish’s “Lovely” and impressed the judges with her powerful voice so much that Cowell used his Golden Buzzer to send her straight to the live performances.

city ​​crew (Flyers of the South)

The dance, breakdance and acrobatic team from the Philippines put on one of the best dance auditions of the season.

“It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve seen this season,” Vergara said of their ability to defy gravity. Cowell called it “perfection” and Klum barely had words to describe her feelings other than “fantastic” and something to be proud of.

Hayden Crystal

Hayden Crystal auditioning for America's Got Talent Season 17 Episode 3

Scott Casey Durkin/NBC

The deaf comedian wasted no time writing her first punchline. She began gesturing on stage and then spoke into the microphone, saying that she likes to start that way because “it makes it a violation of the Consumer Protection Act to squabble with me.”

Crystal came to AGT because she and her mom are longtime fans and she’s seen disability comics in the past get “tools to succeed” on the show. With the help of an interpreter, the touring comedian delighted the audience with his jokes.

What was your favorite moment from the series? Let us know in the comments below.

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