A surge in international travel has brought DFW airport to pre-pandemic levels

International returned to DFW International Airport.

DFW International Airport received more flights and more international-bound passengers in April than in the same month in 2019, a remarkable achievement after two years of restrictions due to the pandemic and skepticism that fueled consumer desire to travel abroad.

Thanks to new services from carriers such as Turkish Airlines and Finnair, DFW Airport welcomed 770,000 international passengers arriving and departing in April, the best month for travelers arriving and departing from the United States since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those numbers pushed DFW into its first month of operation when it surpassed pre-pandemic traffic figures for combined domestic and international travel.

“People are getting a little more adventurous and it’s staggering how the world has reopened,” said OAG Senior Analyst John Grant. “I think everyone is surprised at how strong the international recovery has been.”

According to the airport’s latest data, DFW’s April numbers exceed the 717,000 international passengers the airport accepted in April 2019 by 7%. This is a significant improvement from the 26,198 passengers the airport saw in April 2020, the worst performance of the COVID-19 pandemic for air travel.

DFW’s recovery comes as foreign air travel recovers across the country and around the world, and restless travelers want to use expiring miles, take unused vacations and travel to more ambitious destinations for the first time in almost three years.

The recovery has been uneven depending on where travelers want to go, driven by the scattered COVID-19 restrictions still in place in many places like China and South Asia. But Americans seem ready to travel abroad again, and foreign tourists want to visit American attractions.

Spending on air travel with foreign carriers rose about 9% in the week ended June 4, according to a report released Wednesday by Bank of America based on its internal credit card data.

US travelers abroad are being pushed by the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in many parts of the world and a strong US dollar that keeps money flowing further in places like Europe, Grant said.

The US government has waived COVID-19 testing for re-entry to the United States after pressure from the travel industry, though Grant doesn’t think looser requirements will make much of a difference to the numbers because people were either willing to take the risk or they were looking for ways bypass restrictions. testing mandate. However, United Airlines said on Wednesday that there has been an increase in requests for overseas travel since restrictions were lifted.

According to Grant, transatlantic travel has been the fastest growing of all international travel segments, especially for Americans traveling to tried and tested destinations like London, Paris, Rome and Madrid.

DFW International Airport received 2,803 international flights in April, up 107 from the same month in 2019. And there are 61 more destinations served by…

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