SkySquad aims to make traveling to the airport easier for passengers from Utah.

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SALT LAKE CITY. Starting Monday, travelers from Utah will have access to a resource designed to make air travel less stressful.

Imagine a mom, kids, and loads of bags rushing through Salt Lake City International Airport.

This is the experience behind Julie Melnick’s idea to create something that will help other travelers get through the airport with ease.

The idea is that the traveler just needs to get to the airport.

From there, SkySquad will step in to help by alerting passengers before they travel, offering hands-on assistance with luggage, check-in, security, and airport navigation starting at $49.

Mikalyn Lavin, a mother of two young children, said SkySquad would be a great help in flying.

“I had times when I raced to the gate shouting my destination because I didn’t know where to go. It would be so great to have something like this to help me and get me where I need to go, but also with all the car seats, luggage and backpacks,” Lavigne said.

SkySquad can also offer support during stops and arrivals.

All employees are identified and verified so they can escort passengers through security all the way to the boarding gate.

So far, there are seven airports with SkySquad.

Salt Lake City International Airport is the westernmost location where SkySquad operates.

“We think it’s a great place for families. There are many resorts here in Utah. People come to ski. People come for summer holidays. with so many connections and even long walks, that’s why we’re here to support customers,” Melnik said.

SkySquad said it hopes to be at every major US airport.

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