Traveling abroad this summer may be cheaper than traveling within the country

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A recent study found that going on an international trip this summer could be cheaper than going on a national vacation. The study should come as a big surprise to travelers who have been hearing for months about how expensive airfare and hotel stays are currently, but it could well lead travelers to look up their passports and book a trip abroad for the next few months.

The study shows that affordable international holidays are made possible by a number of different factors. It is not only a thing of the past, as many people think now, but is also a feature of travel today. Here are the destinations the study says American travelers can save money by visiting this summer, and see what other international destinations are offering good value for money right now.

International travel is not always extortion

Despite frequent news reports telling travelers otherwise, international travel doesn’t have to cost a fortune — at least that’s what a recent travel study tells us. A study by travel booking platform Hopper found that some popular destinations for US travelers can be well within budget, and in many cases even cheaper than traveling across the country.

The reason why? The strength of the dollar compared to other currencies. Today, one US dollar can buy roughly 0.94 euros, making it one of the few times the two currencies have nearly reached parity — all at a time when US flights and hotels are rising in price. In layman’s terms, this means that Europe’s traveler’s budget will increase 15% more than last summer and 6% more than this time in 2019, thanks to a strong dollar that will more than help offset expensive airfare.

The survey also shows that while airfare has tended to rise across the board, this has not been the case for every destination. Despite an overall increase of nearly 15% for international flights and more than 30% for domestic air travel compared to 2019, some destinations in Europe have indeed seen ticket price drops over the past few years.

Airfare to Portugal fell 11% compared to 2019, with tickets to Croatia also falling 8.4% over the same period. Other countries, such as Ireland and Greece, will cost about the same as they paid in 2019, with less than 1% airfare growth. Outside the EU, key countries for cheap holidays are Chile, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, where both airfare prices have fallen and the dollar is doing well against the local currency.

Male tourist attractions in Stockholm, Sweden

Despite low overall price increases, travel to Europe can still be expensive for travelers. Flights to Mexico and the Caribbean are cheaper and airfares are also significantly lower than domestic flights and…

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