St. Kitts Tourism Partners with Palm Star Travel to Fly to Music Festivals in June as part of ‘Buy 2 Get One Free’ travel offer

LOWLAND, Saint Kitts, June 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The St. Kitts Tourism Authority has announced special rates for vacations from Miami to Saint Kitts for the 25th annual St. Kitts Music Festival taking place June 23-25. Through a partnership with Palm Star Travel, which will operate a charter flight from Miami International Airport, passengers can purchase two economy class tickets and get a third one for free. This promotion is available for a limited time, in honor of the long-awaited music festival that returns after a two-year hiatus.

Palm Star Travel will operate the charter on the following days during the week of the Music Festival. This is a public charter flight Palm Star Travel US DOT Part 380 (PC# 22-068) operated by World Atlantic Airlines.

  • Flight arrival:
    • June 22: departure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs 11:00 am. / Arrival at SKB 14:00
  • Return flight:
    • June 26: Departure from SKB 14:30 / Arrival of the MIA 17:30

There are seats in economy class $999 including taxes. Premium seats on a charter are not eligible.

“We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with an exemplary partner like Palm Star Travel to enable travelers to experience this exciting music festival that is back after a two-year hiatus,” said Allison “Tommy” Thompson, CEO, Tourism Authority Saint Kitts. “The St. Kitts Tourism Authority continues to work tirelessly to ensure that Saint Kitts remains top caribbean place for visitors by bringing back events including a festival to increase the number of tourists and showcase our beautiful Kittite culture.”

For more information about Palm Star Travel visit the website To book tickets, please contact Cynthia directly at [email protected] or 972.663.9157 ext. No. 1.

Visitors are reminded to check regularly with the St. Kitts Tourism Authority ( website for updates and information.

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