Amazons may open Themyscira to tourism

The coronation of Nubia was the beginning of a change in the status quo of Themyscira. HotelUbia: Queen of the Amazons #1 (by Stephanie Williams, Alita Martinez, Mark Morales, John Livesey, Alex Guimaraes, Becky Carey), the new Amazon queen and some of her subjects have left the island on a mission to combat deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. But before that, they looked into the Hall of Justice, where Clio began to think about something that could seriously change the face of Themyscira.

The Flash took her through the trophy room to look at memorabilia of past Justice League triumphs. During the tour, Flash emphasized that the public can also visit the hall, as tourism helps fund the Hall of Justice. This made Clio wonder if such a setup would benefit Themyscira.

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At the moment, she can only joke about the idea, but if it becomes something she takes seriously, it could lead to monumental changes for Themyscira. Created as a refuge from the rest of the world, a place free from prejudice, discrimination and hatred that others have, it would mean a massive break with tradition. This will be Themyscira’s first real step towards integration with the rest of the world since Diana first became Wonder Woman. And the result is much closer to home than anything involving Diana.

Such an idea should probably not only be about browsing the Amazon trophy room. After all, potential guests will travel miles, whether by sea or air, to a place they have almost certainly never seen, let alone set foot on. It will probably be a kind of cultural getaway for those brave enough to take the trip. Therefore, the Amazons themselves will be part of the attraction. They would present a hitherto unheard of chance to see how the Amazons flourished in the absence of the social norms of the world.

Similarly, the Amazons will be able to learn more about the human world by interacting with the people who live in it more often. They will meet new people and ideas from all over the world, which will allow them to better understand the people they are trying to help. Given their queen’s hesitation in going out into the outside world, it goes without saying that it would only be appropriate for the Amazons to be exposed more on their terms.

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However, such a choice can have disastrous consequences. Themyscira is not just a paradise; it is home to various powerful magic items, several well-known heroes and their loved ones. If they start letting people in, they’ll have to check very carefully. Otherwise, the villain may sneak in and start causing trouble.

All this would be in the name of openness. Themyscira is making more of an effort to be a part of the world than ever before. Nubia has…

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