Tom Cruise is never guilty of anything, says Simon Pegg | Entertainment

According to Simon Pegg, Tom Cruise “maintains his authority by never being guilty of anything.”

The 52-year-old actor stars alongside the Hollywood icon in the Mission: Impossible movie franchise, and Simon explained how Tom, 59, maintains his aura of authority on set.

He told The Times: “If anything goes wrong and it is his fault, he will vehemently deny it. And then if someone corrects him, instead of apologizing, he’ll just say yes and wink at me.

“I once admitted that I screwed up, and he said – with a wry smile, I hasten to add: “Simon, don’t do this.” He maintains his authority by never being guilty of anything.”

Simon also finds that Tom is quite content with his own fame.

He shared, “He understands that this is the price of the level of movie star that he is. He may be the only movie star left.”

Simon has previously described Tom as “an incredibly generous performer”.

The actor applauded his Mission: Impossible co-star’s attitude, saying that he “cares a lot about everyone else.”

He said, “It’s always fun. He is an incredibly generous performer. He cares a lot about everyone else.

“He’s always hanging around the monitor… after he hangs off the plane, he’s worried about me getting into a fight, which isn’t particularly scary.”

Simon also revealed that Tom has high standards and an impressive work ethic.

He explained: “I like it because there is a normal person, an ordinary person that people usually never see, and he is aware of who he is and who he has become.

“I have always had a good experience working with Tom. You know that you are working on something that will be done with 100% dedication and passion. It’s nice to have that as a standard.”


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