Dog owners say this big bag is a ‘life saver’

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This bag is perfect for your puppy. (Source: Amazon)

Traveling with your dog on vacation can be fun for both you and your pet. Unfortunately, taking a furry friend with you on any trip is often problematic. This Modoker pet travel bag is designed to fix that problem. It can carry food, water, leashes, toys, treats, trash bags, and any other pet supplies you might need.

Many pet travel bags are just for hiking or road trips, while the Modoker bag is made for just about every environment imaginable. With the current sale at 15% off, this bargain bag is approved by the airlines and will be the perfect addition for you and your dog on your next vacation.

Your new best bag for man’s best friend

A travel bag for pets with dog food and lots of other amenities filling its containers.

Finally a compact and comfortable travel bag for pets. (Source: Amazon)

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Weighing under three pounds, the Modoker travel bag is easy to carry and features padded handles. It comes with one large bag, two food bags, two random color collapsible bowls and a waterproof cloth. These accessories will allow you to organize a first-class dining area for your dog, wherever you are.

While it fits almost anything imaginable inside, this pet travel bag is small enough to meet airline requirements and can fit under most airplane seats. It is designed with water repellent lining and waterproof lining. These waterproof elements keep out unwanted water and keep your dog’s drinking water out.

Amazon shoppers say that even at the regular price, this travel bag is “worth every penny!” Its food bags hold approximately 12 cups of dog food, it has more stretchy zippered pockets than you might think, and it’s tough enough to keep even the biggest dogs out.

This travel bag is equally good for other pets like cats, as long as the cat doesn’t move into its spacious, box-like interior. Other models of this Modoker pet travel bag come in black, pink, grey, green and blue. Take advantage of this coveted deal before your dog’s next trip.

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